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Aodhan Wheels



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Bolt Pattern

The Aodhan AH01 wheel is characterized by its distinctive five-spoke design, which features a twist recess spoke design for a more defined look. This design aspect gives the AH01 a unique aesthetic that stands out. The wheel comes with a recessed spoke design, deep dish lip, and a flush mIt is available in various sizes and specifications to suit a range of vehicles and preferences. The sizes range from 15x8 to 18x10.5, with offsets and lip sizes varying according to the wheel size. For example, the 15x8 size has a 20 offset and a 2.5" lip size, whereas the 18x10.5 size offers a 25 offset with a 3" lip size, showcasing the versatility in its design to accommodate different vehicles and styles. ount center cap, contributing to its overall sleek and polished appearance. The AH01 wheels are offered in finishes like Full Gloss Black (Gold Rivet) and Silver Machined Face And Lip, providing options for personalization according to your vehicle's look or your personal taste. For detailed specifications, including available sizes, finishes, and other features, you can refer to the product pages on Aodhan Wheels??, Wheels Collection Ltd.??, and iRace Auto Sports??. These sources offer comprehensive information on the Aodhan AH01, ensuring you can make an informed decision about whether this wheel suits your needs.

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